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St. Francis of Assisi 

One of the most beloved and influential saints in the history of the Church, St Francis was born in Assisi, Italy ,1182, the son of a rich merchant. Leaving all to follow Christ in the perfection of evangelical poverty, on hearing the famous words from the crucifix in the Church of San Damiano "Go and repair My house, which you see is falling down ", he began his apostolate in earnest. Mirroring the Divine Savior, his sublime detachment, mortification and humility – his ‘Lady Poverty’ - made all creation subject to him and his seraphic contemplative soul gave to creation a voice wherewith to render homage and praise to the Blessed Trinity. Founder of three religious orders, in a world grown cold, God raised up this great saint to rekindle in the Church the love of the Sacred Humanity of Jesus. The’ preaching of the sons of St. Francis had the whole of Europe weeping over the Passion of Christ’, and it is to St. Francis we owe the beautiful custom of setting up the Crèche scene at Christmas time. Two years before his death while praying on Mt. Alvernia he received the Stigmata. St Francis died in 1226 and was canonized in 1228.