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St. Benedict 

St. Benedict was born in Nursia to a devout, noble Christian family. As a young man, he followed his father's wishes to go to Rome to pursue studies. After a time, he became weary of that worldly life and decided to pursue a more devout spiritual life. After leaving Rome, he lived a secluded life as a hermit in a cave. Upon the death of an abbot at a local monastery, St. Benedict was asked to become the new abbot, as he was known for his great holiness and sanctity. This eventually led him to found 12 Monasteries, for which he wrote his most famous Rule, now known as the Rule of St. Benedict. He is known as the Father of Western Monasticism.

During his lifetime he was known to perform many great miracles, many of which were powerful feats over the evil spirit. He is the brother of St. Scholastic, whom he saw go up to Heaven as a dove upon her death. His feast day is celebrated March 21st.