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Religious Rings 

People have worn rings for thousands of years, evidence of which is found in archeological studies and discoveries all over the world. Although they are worn as ornamental jewelry, most often they are worn with a purpose personal to the wearer: to be a reminder, or make a statement. The ring, by its endless round shape, signifies permanence, commitment, eternity. So whatever design the ring bears can really send a powerful message. These rings can also be worn as chastity rings.

What is a Chastity Ring? Chastity Rings (also known as Convenant rings, True-Love-Waits rings and Purity rings) are worn by single people of all ages, men and woman, boys and girls, who are committed to live a chaste life. It is often worn on the left ring finger, and is a:
SYMBOL of your desire to remain chase for marriage
REMINDER, visible and tangible, of your promise, with God’s help, to do so
TESTIMONY to others of your commitment
CHALLENGE to your friends to join you and thousands of others who have taken this strong and hope-filled pledge