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1-Decade Custom Rosaries

You can build an almost unlimited variety of custom 1 decade rosaries through our Build a custom rosary feature. Choose the "1-decade" rosary option when prompted to do so, and the prices will change accordingly.

We make two different styles of 1 decade rosaries. Style 1 has one Our Father bead on the tail of the rosary. Style 2 has the same tail as a standard five decade rosary, that is, two Our Beads and one Hail Mary

A 1-decade rosary can be blessed, but does not carry the same indulgences as a 5-decade rosary. To receive all the indulgences of saying the rosary you must be carrying a 5-decade rosary on your person; it is not necessary to actually finger the beads. Therefore we recommend carrying a blessed 5-decade rosary even when using a 1-decade rosary for counting the prayers.

Style 1

customized 1-decade rosary

Style 2

One-decade rosary